“Where” may be more important than “who”

This blog cross-posted at iMedia Connection on March 30, 2012..

US Smartphone Penetration - NielsenFinally, we can now safely say that the year of mobile has arrived. According to Nielsen, 50% of US mobile phone users now have smartphones. Looking at your web analytics you’re probably seeing upwards of 5-10% of your traffic coming from mobile devices (for some industries that traffic can be significantly higher). Less than a year ago, sites were only seeing 1-2% of their traffic from mobile visitors.

It’s time to jump on the bandwagon…It’s time for a mobile site (or app) and you need it now.

Looking at the right things

Before you run out and start developing (or updating) your mobile presence, it’s important to realize that mobile visitors aren’t all the same, and their needs vary dramatically based on the device they are using.

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